ALL WE ARE – ” Burn It All Out “

Posted: April 14, 2017 in MUSIC
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First saw All We Are supporting Public Service Broadcasting. The Liverpool-based trio announced they’d be playing new tracks and then move forward to now (well, a couple of weeks back to be fair) and Guro, Luis and Richard have shared something new online.

“Burn It All Out” feels like it could well act as a bridge from the laid back, psychedelic grooves of their eponymous debut album to the harder edged, more thunderous sounds that were trailed live. The opening guitar lines are gentle and swirly like a kaleidoscopic rainbow, then the beat and bass join in and that wonderfully familiar All We Are vibe begins to permeate your soul. Your shoulders move, your feet tap and your head bops as the compulsion to move and boogie along becomes overwhelming. The vocal floats like an intoxicating and heady aroma, hypnotising all who hear it before suddenly, the guitar has become harder, the rhythm more frantic and the bass heavier. Without you even realising, everything around you has been lain to waste and as you stand, amongst the rubble and ruin, you can only applaud and cry out for more.

A follow up album is on the way, so that more we crave so much will hopefully be with us soon.



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