ROBYN CAGE – ” Burning Now “

Posted: April 4, 2017 in MUSIC
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With an impassioned and expressive voice, Robyn Cage is something rather special . She has captivated audiences from Boston’s Symphony Hall to stages across N.Y.C. Cage is an actor too and trained at the Boston Conservatory – praised by sources as wide as The New York Times and Variety. As a musician, she has produced some sensational works that draw the listener into a wonderful world – most vivid of all in her album, “Born in the Desert”.

Cage talks about her life in Utah and what it was like getting such high kudos for Born in the Desert. She discusses her acting career and artists who have inspired her. With so many fans responding to her music, with new material in her mind. Cage talks about the albums she holds dearest and whether there are any plans in regards touring the U.K. and Europe planning to tour Europe in spring ’18.

Cage a singer/songwriter/keyboardist with a love for nature and a tendency to set instruments on fire. My music is Alternative/Pop and it’s dark, dreamy and often story-driven. Raining Sideways was her 2009 debut E.P.

The title track from my upcoming record, Slow the Devil, is the closest thing to a protest song that she has ever written.



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