ALL THEM WITCHES – ” 3-5-7 “

Posted: April 1, 2017 in MUSIC
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All Them Witches, a Nashville born and raised quartet, is neither a country band or a gang of witches (I know, I was kind of bummed too). They’re a grungy, psychedelic rock band born from the blood, sweat, and beers of Charles Michael Parks Jr., Robby Staebler, Ben McLeaod, and Alan Can Cleave. The guys banded together (no pun intended—OK a little bit intended but I’m not apologizing) in 2012 and released their debut record Our Mother Electricity that same year. “Sleeping Through the War”, their release on February 24th, will be their third (and was produced by Dave Cobb so you know it’s going to be pretty good).

When asked about the video for “357” features a glitchy VHS filter that brings to mind the video of the floating plastic bag the weird kid made in American Beauty—drummer Robby Staebler, had this to say:

“For me this video is about perspective and the process of self realization. Once you begin to see yourself around you and in others, realizing you are apart of everything (even things that you despise) is something you have to swallow and move toward understanding so you can properly adjust. Remember that one song about that one dude who reached for the stars too soon? One of the most important and inspiring things I’ve heard is: “in concentration I will place my mind. For those whose thoughts are slack and wandering are caught between the fangs of their own afflictions” or something like that. Those afflictions become everyones afflictions. The cycle continues. The suffering continues. Learn to focus, you can do it!”

From the new album ‘Sleeping Through The War’ available February 24th, 2017.


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