NOVELLER – ” A Pink Sunset For No One “

Posted: March 27, 2017 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Every cloud has a silver lining. but it seems to ring true for Los Angeles (by way of Louisiana, Austin, and Brooklyn) based guitarist and composer Sarah Lipstate. Better known as Noveller, Lipstate has a habit of spinning the straw of her personal tragedies into the golden threads with which she weaves her musical tapestries. Equipped with only her trusty Fender Jaguar and an impressive collection of pedals, including quite a few EarthQuaker Devices, she performs solo, using a digital looper to conjure her compositions seemingly out of thin air.  I was auditioning different presets on my Eventide H9 and I stumbled upon their organ sound and the basic synth sounds, so it was just like, completely processing the guitar into these unrecognizable sounds that were really exciting to me. That’s what I used for “Deep Shelter.”

For “Trails and Trials,” I used the Electro-Harmonix Mel9 pedal which is the Mellotron emulator. It processes your guitar with the traditional Mellotron sounds, like the flute and cello.

I got the Arpanoid and that was really fun to use on the new stuff. Adding different textures to the palate.

I used the Spires lot, too. Which was really exciting, because in conjunction with the Mel9 pedal – distorting the Mellotron flute sounds, then bowing that?!  the looper that I’ve been using for years now is the Boomerang Phrase III Sampler, and that’s on every single board. That basically allows me to build all my compositions, so that’s always gonna be the last pedal on the chain.


The compositions on Noveller’s new album “A Pink Sunset For No One” are inspired by an emotional roller coaster of a year which began with a difficult breakup, and ended with Noveller earning recognition from proto-punk icon Iggy Pop, who invited her to open for him on the Post Pop Depression tour in the US and UK.

Photo: Priscilla C. Scott

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