SOCCER MOMMY – ” Last Girl / Be Seeing You “

Posted: March 26, 2017 in MUSIC
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Sophie Allison is originally from Nashville, though her roots don’t often show up in the muted bedroom pop she makes as Soccer Mommy. But on “Last Girl,” with a full band in tow for the first time ever on record, it’s apparent that she grew up in the country capital of the world and inherited the naturalistic storytelling characteristics that come with the genre. There’s echoes of Taylor Swift in the jealous girlfriend narrative of the track, but the unflashy nature of Allison’s songwriting calls back to an even earlier era of confessional dejection. “Last Girl” pivots around an aching question  “Why would you want to be with me when she’s got everything you’ll ever need?”  and each verse is a put down about the worries that can’t stop rattling around inside her head. That Allison is able to channel that insecurity and second guessing into something as sickly sweet as “Last Girl” is a testament to what makes the project so great, and an encouraging sign of things to come.

High quality guitar pop. Manages to balance being super catchy and also not sound insufferably happy. Just feels authentic. And Sophie’s voice is heavenly as usual. Sophie says Two songs that meant a lot to me this summer when I thought i was gonna lose someone I had feelings for and I was sad and insecure. both are for Julian.


all songs written by sophie allison
rhythm guitar and main vox by sophie allison
drums and backing vox by thomas borrelli
lead guitar and backing vox by kelton young
bass by jacob corenflos


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