CONOR OBERST – ” Live NPR Music Front Row ” Housing Works Bookstore , New York City 14th October 2016

Posted: March 21, 2017 in MUSIC
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‘Ruminations’ is one of singer songwriter Conor Oberst’s most personal records — and it was a surprise, even for its creator. He didn’t intend to make an album — he was trying to recover from exhaustion after he was rattled by a health scare, a cyst on his brain. But when he left New York, N.Y., and moved back to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska., the songs started coming. He recorded ‘Ruminations’ on piano, guitar and harmonica in 48 hours during the winter after he moved home. The result is a collection of brave, dark songs that confront Oberst’s thoughts during that time head-on and include his best work to date .

Housing Works Bookstore in New York is a place that’s meant a lot to Oberst over the years. It’s a book shop with a mission to help the homeless and those with AIDS and HIV. He was at the very first performance at Housing Works nearly a dozen years ago, and he’s played there a few times as well — including one Halloween show where he dressed as a skeleton. So on the day he released Ruminations, it was fitting that he return to Housing Works to perform all the songs from that album — some of them for the first time.

For this performance Conor Oberst is largely seated at a piano, a harmonica strapped around his neck. His bassist, MiWi La Lupa, lays a small foundation for songs that they’re still learning to play, but that are unmistakably moving and contain some of Oberst’s best lyrics and imagery.

“Tachycardia” – 0:48
“Gossamer Thin” – 4:46
“Barbary Coast (Later)” – 9:37
“Counting Sheep” – 15:41
“Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)” – 20:18
“Next of Kin” – 25:42
“The Rain Follows the Plow” – 29:50
“A Little Uncanny” – 34:24
“You All Loved Him Once” – 39:33
“Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out” – 45:32

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