BHI BHIMAN – ” With Love, From Russia ” 30 Days 30 Songs Project

Posted: March 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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Trump is like a horrible car crash with a bad comb-over. When he can’t be bothered to keep up that bird’s nest on his head, he wears a stupid hat that was most definitely made in China. He loves the sound of his own voice, but his breath smells like dog shit. He wants to bring all the glamour of professional wrestling to Washington. But most importantly, and seriously, Trump might be a Manchurian Candidate for Russia. A real comrade to the Kremlin.

To combat apathy, entertain the citizenry, and provide a soundtrack to resistance, over the next four years, the producers of 30 Days, 30 Songs will assemble a playlist of 1,000 songs. One song every day to get us through what promises to be a tumultuous and frequently dispiriting and certainly bizarre presidency. The playlist will feature original tracks, unreleased live versions, remixes, covers, and previously released but relevant songs that will inspire and amuse and channel the outrage of a nation.

Despite the results of the election, we still believe it’s possible to build a more inclusive, equal, and just America. The world will not end on January 20th. It will continue to move forward, and it is up to us to chart its course. In the coming weeks, we plan to raise money for this endeavor through a crowdfunding campaign.


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