CABBAGE – ” Gibralter Ape “

Posted: March 16, 2017 in MUSIC
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Cabbage video for Gibraltar Ape Mossley James Skelly Blossoms tour

Cabbage’s latest single ‘Gibraltar Ape’ affirms James Skelly’s signees as one of the key rock acts in the country right now, and they have a grimy visual to accompany the disaffected feel of the single. 
The video follows guitarist/singer Joe around Cabbage’s hometown of Mossley in Lancashire as he and someone in an Ape costume (presumably singer Lee Broadbent) take in the panoramic views surrounding the town and its thriving local pubs. It’s shot with a lo-fi camera, and the relatively out of focus shots reflect the disorientated feel of the tune as a whole.

The song captures the longing for freedom within the trappings of a capitalist society where transcending the presubscribed 9-5 route whilst staying above the breadline is an increasingly difficult thing to do thanks to benefit cuts. There’s no point kidding the optimism of the 90s or late 60s exists in today’s Britain, and through capturing that frustration they speak to the disaffected and ignite a spark in their bonnet.

Gibraltar Ape – Out Now on Skeleton Key Records 2017


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