The NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – ” Brill Bruisers “

Posted: March 6, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Brill Bruisers

Some bands aim for a grand, widescreen sound when they go into the studio, but the New Pornographers refuse to be satisfied with anything short of 3-D IMAX, with their songs accompanied by thundering drums, massive cascades of keyboards, towering vocal choruses, and chugging, percussive melodies that power it all. It would be easy for this band to sound absurdly ostentatious if it weren’t for the fact there’s a fiercely beating heart in the midst of their music, and at their best, this indie supergroup seems to be having a grand time constructing their walls of sound.

Brill Bruisers is the sixth studio album from Canadian indie rock band  The New Pornographers. It was released in August 26th, 2014 . In describing the album, A.C Newman called it “a celebration record… After periods of difficulty, I am at a place where nothing in my life is dragging me down and the music reflects that.”

The first single from the album was “Brill Bruisers”,  with the second single, “War on the East Coast”, The album was a shortlisted nominee for the Polaris Music Prize. A special “Paint Splattered” limited edition of the album on vinyl was made available inclusing a 3d Poster and 3d Glasses .

The Title track from the new album on Matador Records from the collective band known as the New Pornographers, featuring Neko Case and Kathryn Calder ,”Brill Bruisers” is the bands album,  they performed the song on the Late Show with David Letterman.  A really joyous tune with harmonies and handclaps and a great synth refrain.

The New Pornographers are :


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