FATHER JOHN MISTY – ” Pure Comedy “

Posted: March 3, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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During the six minutes of “Pure Comedy,” Tillman’s focus jumps from the miracle of birth to politics (“Where did they find these goons they’ve elected to rule them?”), and religion (“Their religions are the best). Throughout the song, he almost entirely adopts a distant, third-person plural perspective as if a god (or a “Young Pope”). For some reason, it all kind of works. Tillman might sound preachy, but he also sounds inspired. In “Pure Comedy,” he shows a newfound patience to spell it all out for you.

The song’s simple, Street Legal-era Dylan melody helps “Pure Comedy” transcend from hifalutin Facebook status to slow-building statement of purpose. Tillman undercuts his lyrics with subtle chord shifts, landing on resolutions and notes that punctuate his thoughts. By the time he goes full-on white-boy-soul at the end—which, given that he once featured a laughing track on his record, could very well be satire—he actually sounds completely earnest. For all his meme-filled music videos and forays into comedy, Father John Misty sounds like he’s not fucking around anymore.


Pure Comedy: The Film—a 25-minute documentary about the making of the album. The film, directed by Tillman and Grant James, features Tillman playing new songs in the studio, painting shirtless, and driving around a burning L.A.. Composer Gavin Bryars contributed strings, horns, and choral arrangements to Pure Comedy. Nico Muhly and Thomas Bartlett also worked on the album.

Father John Misty’s album “Pure Comedy” will be released April 7th, 2017 on Deluxe 2xLP / 2xLP / CD / DL / CS in Europe through Bella Union Records.

Pure Comedy


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