CHARLY BLISS – ” Percolator “

Posted: March 2, 2017 in MUSIC
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Charly Bliss Are Pop-Punk Superheroes In The Video For “Percolator”

Charly Bliss is helmed by Eva Hendricks, her older brother Sam, and their childhood friends Dan Shure and Spencer Fox. They grew up together in Connecticut, and are now based in Brooklyn, making kickass guitar tunes like the recent “Ruby” and “Glitter,” from their debut album Guppy, which will be out April 21st.
Probably my favorite song from Guppy is its opening track, “Percolator,” with a video so sweet and cutesy.

In it, the foursome each run from their respective day jobs to fight an undisclosed evil. Maybe that grin on my face was especially wide because Charly Bliss are like real-life superheroes, out here embracing their feelings like it’s the most punk rock thing ever: “I cry all the time/ I think that it’s cool/ I’m in touch with my feelings,” sings Eva, her voice like sticky candy while she and her bandmates shred their guts out.
“I’m super hard on myself, and a lot of the lines in ‘Percolator’ are me being like, Fuck it,” Eva, the band’s principal songwriter, told me. “I was trying to make fun of myself for being super over dramatic — I’m either nothing or 100% about everything.”

Official music video for “Percolator” by Charly Bliss.


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