The FEELIES – ” Gone, Gone Gone “

Posted: February 20, 2017 in MUSIC
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The Feelies, In Between

Fans of the Feelies will be excited to discover that the post-punk band’s reunion seems to have stuck. “In Between”, is their second release, since they resumed playing together in 2008, produced by guitarists and founding members Glenn Mercer and Bill Million almost exclusively in Mercer’s New Jersey home studio.

The Feelies originally formed in 1976, and their 1980 debut, “Crazy Rhythms”, while never commercially successful, received critical acclaim among underground rock critics for it’s jangly guitar sound paired with frenetic rhythms. While they remained popular in the underground scene, the band mellowed out on subsequent records and never really returned to that hyper-energized sound.
They seem to be reaching for a bygone era on “In Between” through an infusion of track transitions composed of the comforting crackling noise associated with vinyl recordings.
As vinyl static and birdsong fades, the title-track opens the record on a mellowly melodic, repetitive and relatively simple note. The lyrics, “Make a plan/ Let it be/ Find a voice,” seem to echo that simplicity. The song appears to be about letting go of the anxiety associated with trying to control everything in life.

“Gone Gone Gone” is one of the album’s best depictions of the Feelies’ innate ability to develop beautifully intricate sounds. It’s skeleton is made up of a rhythmic guitar riff and steady drumbeat. It opens with Mercer singing, “What do you wanna know/ What do you wanna do/ Where do you gonna go/ Haven’t got a clue,” and at around the 1:45-mark, Mercer’s vocals make way for two minutes of instrumental bliss.
It’s at this point that additional percussive instruments are added and a second guitar, which had been mostly waiting in the wings, comes into its full glory. Supported by an intensified rhythm guitar and increasingly layered percussion, the song climbs the scale, climaxing with a fevered wail before easing back down into a smooth fadeout. It’s only by the second or third listen that you realize the majority of emotion in “Gone Gone Gone” is built instrumentally.

The Feelies enjoy the music they’re making and it’s audible. They achieve that alongside making music that will please fans.


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