PAUL WELLER – ” Tiny Desk Concert “

Posted: February 20, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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There’s a reason Paul Weller is so respected by his fans despite his shifts in musical styles over the years. Weller follows his heart and his tunes stay true to the times and his age. I first heard him in 1977, when I saw the band at Rebeccas nightclub in Birmingham , A few weeks laterI bought a 45 and later an album, each called “In The City”, by The Jam. Inspired by The Who, the music of The Jam was infused with urgency and melody. Then Weller wanted more from music and began The Style Council with a bit of R&B, ballads and even jazz. For nearly 25 years, Paul Weller has been recording under his own name. Now he has new songs for us all and an album called Saturns Pattern. Here at the Tiny Desk he brings this humble collection of songs acoustically and includes a tune from what may be his best known record, his 1995 album Stanley Road. It’s a pretty heartwarming moment  especially for longtime followers of his shifting but consistent quality music.

Set List

  • “Dusk Til Dawn”
  • “I’m Where I Should Be”
  • “Out of the Sinking”
  • “Going My Way”

Punk rock to new wave, British folk to deep funk, New York garage style to heavy soul; for over four decades Paul Weller has done it all. He’s fronted two bands: The Style Council and The Jam, and embarked on a long solo career that’s been every bit as inventive. His latest album is called Saturns Pattern (without the apostrophe for aesthetic reasons). The record is adventurous, tight and of course, it rocks.

In addition to his latest album, Weller has also released a book of photographs taken by Lawrence Watson; the book is called Into Tomorrownamed after his 1992 album. The photos follow Weller through his 20 year solo career, with hand-written captions.

Today the man known to British rock fans worldwide as The Modfather talks about how and when you realize you’ve written a great song; how kids today (specifically his own—he has seven) don’t appreciate really loud music; and threatens host John Schaefer with a fashion makeover.

Paul Weller says he’s written three perfect songs in his career:

“Wings of Speed” from Stanley Road“Strange Town” with The Jam:”Going My Way” on Saturns Pattern

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