HUMBLE PIE – ” For Your Love “

Posted: February 18, 2017 in MUSIC
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Humble Pie were an English rock band formed by Singer Steve Marriott , in Essex during 1969. They are known as one of the late 1960s’ first rock supergroups and found success on both sides of the Atlantic. The original band line-up featured lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott from the Small Faces, vocalist and guitarist Peter Frampton from The Herd, former Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and a seventeen-year-old drummer, Jerry Shirley.

The groups concerts around this time featured an acoustic set, with this radical re-working of Graham Gouldman’s “For Your Love” as its centrepiece.

The rock band Humble Pie from England with their song “For Your Love” live on German TV for Beat Club, A band just dripping with talent who never got their just dues. A warm,loving version of the Yardbirds classic done to perfection.

  1. julianarde says:

    This is awesome I’d never heard of these guys! What other songs by them do you recommend?

    • lizsamdog says:

      check out the album PERFORMANCE …..LIVE AT THE FILLMORE it is a classic live album they were pretty famous and Steve Marriott had the best rock voice ever

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