MUDDY MAGNOLIAS – ” Broken People “

Posted: February 14, 2017 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Kallie North and Jessy Wilson, the duo known as Muddy Magnolias, quickly forged a musical friendship in 2013, one that has blossomed into a thrillingly organic blend of Seventies funk, seductive R&B, country roots and soul-searing gospel music. Yet, in the tough-minded title track from their upcoming LP, Broken People, they eloquently express the jagged nature of walking through life feeling lost and disconnected, harnessing a vibe that’s reminiscent of the Staple Singers and other socially conscious acts of that genre-blending era. Produced by Rick Beato, with additional production by Mario Marchetti and Butch Walker, the 11 tracks on Broken People were recorded in Atlanta and Nashville in late spring 2016.


“Tell me what happened in this world?/We just don’t know anymore,” sing the women of Muddy Magnolias in the opening track on their striking debut. It’s the right lyric for the country right now. The music, too, reflects something relevant. As the gaps between us seem to be widening, the songs of Muddy Magnolias bridge divides—specifically, between city and country, blues and soul. Accordingly, the two vocalists who make up the group come from highly divergent locales. Jessey Wilson, who sang for a spell with John Legend, lived for a long time in Brooklyn before migrating to Nashville. There, she met the Texas-born Kallie North. For a twist, both singers take the lead in their songs without canceling each other out. In Wilson’s vocal sound you hear some of a young Aretha; North’s bold sounds can recall a fledgling Bonnie Raitt.


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