MAGANA – ” Pages “

Posted: January 27, 2017 in MUSIC
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Brooklyn songwriter Jeni Magana, who recently released “Golden Tongue”, among the best EP’s Of last year.

With a string of upcoming dates in the US, Magana has wasted no time in putting new music into the world, and has this week shared a new single to coincide with the tour, entitled Pages.

Previously unreleased up to now, live favourite ‘Pages’ is an early experiment in Magana’s ever shifting solo sound. It’s a gorgeous standalone document of her evolving creativity and expression. The song shows a more traditionally Indie Rock side to Magana’s dreamy Alt. Pop output. It’s heartfelt and emotional rock music with ghosts whispering through the walls.

Pages starts with a flurry of muted, driving guitars, that seem to breathe the song into life, before they’re joined by sweeter, swooping electrics and complex, driving percussion. While “Golden Tongue” existed in the realms of glittering alt-pop, Pages is a more primal beast, ragged squalling instrumentation paired with angry, pained lyricism as Jeni’s vocal seems to exist simultaneously as a whisper and a yell. It ends with Jeni noting, “we’re just pages of a story that now no-one will hear”, but the story of Magana is just beginning, and it’s already unputdownable.


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