IAN SWEET – ” Slime Time Live “

Posted: January 6, 2017 in MUSIC
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Brooklyn’s Ian Sweet have a new video for “Slime Time Live” which is off last year’s Shapeshifer . Director Ryan Baxley takes the song’s title literally, evoking shades of Eraserhead‘s classic dinner scene, though the shade here is slime-green. Singer Jillian Medford tells us a little more about the video:

I have always dreamed about getting slimed/pied in the face…this video is an example that dreams really do come true…just maybe not quite as you’d expect.
Ryan Baxley (director), Danny Noguieras and Brandon Schwartzel created props out of unlikely materials for the Double Dare/pie in the face dream scene. That was personal my favorite scene. We did at least 10 pies to the face.

The video portrays a dream I had and how it abruptly becomes a deep, dark, twisted reality. My actual mom plays the super freaky role of my “evil” mom trying to poison me with slime! She actually committed to her character so much that she ate the slime! We were all shocked! Shit tastes nasty. The last shot we did was me going under in a bathtub full of slime. As soon as I went under I felt stripped of my senses, like I was in a sensory deprivation chamber because of how thick and dark the slime was. I still have freaky daydreams about it. But I highly recommend getting slimed at least once in your life.

The “Slime Time Live” video below,

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