The LUMINEERS – ” Sleep On The Floor “

Posted: December 25, 2016 in MUSIC
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The Lumineers

The singles dropped for ‘Cleopatra’ (‘Ophelia’, ‘Cleopatra’) immediately caught my attention. The were easy going, catchy country pop songs, and I guess I’m just a lover of that type of Americana Folk Rock.  The album’s title track describes the woes of a taxi driver vocalist Wesley Schultz actually met in real life , and the songs are full of characters with their own backstories. It show’s a new depth to the songwriting skills of the band, and a new understanding of how to craft an interesting story within them. I also particularly enjoy Schultz’s vocal delivery throughout, from the anthem calls of ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Angela’, to the gentler yearnings of ‘Sick In The Head’ and ‘White Lies’ (White Lies is only available on the bonus deluxe version, which I suggest you go for). Long gone is Ho-Hey of 2012, this is the new and improved Lumineers, and my god you’re gonna like ’em

The latest video from The Lumineers album Cleopatra is the wonderful “Sleep On The Floor”.

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