BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and the E.STREET BAND – ” Live At Leeds First Direct Arena ” 24th July 2013

Posted: December 25, 2016 in MUSIC
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It was one of the smallest arenas ever that Bruce Springsteen  and the E Street Band played , the show was awesome and the sound was great. The video editing took weeks but it was the soundtrack which “arrived” late and made the wait even longer. But everybody agreed in the end: It was worth the wait. I have released many full show videos prior to this one but this one turned out to be the greatest video of all times. Proud and happy Olli, contributors and fans.
This upload is my first full show upload in HD and looks much better than all previous uploads but it is still far from blu-ray quality. I, like many others, prefer watching this video to any official video from 2000 or later. The official ones either have bad sound (Barcelona), are screwed up and miss on a lot of potential (Live in New York City), or are simply lazy choices (Hyde Park) that do not do justice to the world’s greatest live performer.
This is the video I watch when I want to see a show from after 1999.
A killer setlist with so many highlights: Roulette, Thundercrack, Local hero, Gotta get that feeling, Bad moon rising, Secret Garden...Wow. What a night!

Bruce seemed to be in a certain mood from the first song he belted out, and I don’t think it was from the parking tickets his tour trucks had been issued with earlier in the day. It was dark, hot and steamy, lights were flashing, the crowd had been craving this moment for months. Bruce played ‘Roulette’ with energy, passion and emotion like I’ve never seen before. The crowd around me matched it. ‘My Love Will Not Let You Down’ and ‘No Surrender’ had us jumping up and down, limbs flying, sticky skinned and red faced already, we realised this much hyped date wasn’t going to disappoint.
A slower ‘Something In The Night’ led into a haunting ‘American Skin’, even more powerful than normal in this small dark venue, with insane acoustics. We clung on to every word Bruce sang.
Bruce kept the crowd bopping and singing with ‘Hungry Heart’, where he went for a wander and treated the other standing fans to some handshakes, funny faces and microphone grabbing before a moment of “will he won’t he” (of course he will) before he launched himself backwards, crowd surfing directly over us, back to the stage where Jake was loyally waiting for him. Next we were treated to three tour debuts in a row, the rarely played ‘Local Hero’, ‘Gotta Get That Feeling’ (for Steve Van Zandt, although I can personally vouch that we enjoyed it too) before an unrehearsed ‘Bad Moon Rising’ for some fans from Spain, who’d been trailing that sign behind them across Europe. After a little bit of practice they got into key and made these two hopeful Spanish fans and the rest of us dance happily hand in hand, with beaming smiles

Another unexpected treat came from the sign request for ‘Thundercrack’, where Bruce explained that once upon a time the song had been their show stopper, when they used to open for other bands. He admitted “we may not get through the middle of it” due to it’s trickiness, but we didn’t doubt they’d manage it.
Despite getting hotter and hotter in the pit, a beautiful and quite rare ‘This Depression’ turned my skin cold, with such simple lyrics sung to us so well. ‘Because The Night’ was better than ever, before a fun ‘Darlington County’, when Bruce headed to the back of the pit again, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement.

As we started to reach boiling point, throughout the set Bruce kept returning to the pit crowd, handing out pints of his own luminous blue drink to us fans without taking any for himself. It was a simple gesture but one that has stuck in my mind. Land Of Hope And Dreams then closed the main set and marked that time in the concert when my heart starts aching, realising how quickly the time has passed.
Potentially one of the rarest songs of Springsteen’s to hear live, ‘Secret Garden’ opened the encores, shocking the crowd and prompting tears from many around me. Dedicated to fans who had travelled across Europe to see the band, Bruce promised he knew what we go through to make sure we see as many shows as we can. Almost pitch black, one light focused on Bruce as many of us heard this song for the first, and possibly the last time, live. ‘Atlantic City’ continued to keep emotions high before the band switched to their livelier numbers to start closing the show.
Despite the red face and hair now slicked back with sweat, Bruce pointed at me with an exclamation of “Burger Girl” during the next song. Wide eyed, my mouth dropped open. Gawking, I then watched as he pretended to eat a cheeseburger mid ‘Badlands’,  Arm in arm the pit jumped to the song, a celebration of spending such special times together this year.
Born To Run’, into ‘Dancing In The Dark’, the party atmosphere continued as we pushed out thoughts that our time was limited, and for many this was the end of the road. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out’, before ‘Shout’, the band’s energy continued until the very last note they played. With the E Street Band leaving the stage, Bruce returned for a stunning acoustic ‘If I Should Fall Behind’, before an equally special ‘Thunder Road’. For one of the fans I spoke to later (and many others I’m sure) this had been the very first song she’d ever seen Bruce perform live, back in the 70s.


My Love Will Not Let You Down
No Surrender
Something in the Night
American Skin (41 Shots)
The Promised Land
Hungry Heart
Local Hero
Gotta Get That Feeling
Play Video
Bad Moon Rising
Wrecking Ball
Death to My Hometown
This Depression
Because the Night
Darlington County
Shackled and Drawn
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
The Rising
Land of Hope and Dreams
Secret Garden
Atlantic City
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Encore 2:
If I Should Fall Behind
Thunder Road

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