THEA GILMORE – ” The War “

Posted: December 24, 2016 in MUSIC
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Thea Gilmore states I started recording a new album in May, songs I’d spent the previous winter writing. We were mixing said album by September and as the finishing line grew nearer I mused more and more on the events of the summer.

I had been recording as seismic social change happened, as Britain voted to leave the EU… recording as shocking news feeds appeared on my phone…recording the day after the Florida shootings, and on the day of Jo Cox’s murder.

My last few records had contained songs about love, relationships, parenthood, personal circumstances – but for the first time in a decade I knew I was making an album of songs which were my take on the tone of the times, the social and dare I say political climate… and by September we were living in a changed world.

Having felt that my new batch of songs presented a cohesive statement, suddenly – in amidst shock, numbness and bewilderment about all that had gone down – came a feeling that there was more I needed to say.

So in the course of 2 hours one evening during mixing I sat down at a keyboard and “The War” appeared.

And now I offer it up, prompted by a nagging notion that it should be heard in the dying days of the year which invoked it.
I humbly request that you watch right to the end of the video.
I offer it in love and respect to those to whom the year was not kind, and I trust that anyone listening hears not just the darkness in it but also the hope.

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