WAREHOUSE – ” Super Low ” Best Albums Of 2016

Posted: December 18, 2016 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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if there was a competition for the vocal of the year in 2016 Elaine Edenfield would already be dancing off down the aisle, arms raised to the sky,  The lead voice in Warehouse’s suitably dynamic indie-rock beast of a record, “Super Low”, Edenfield’s turn here is a miraculous effort, simmering above the rock-solid back-drop of twin guitars and percussion, and armed with the ability to breathe fire in the blink of a scorched eye. A beautiful collection of sprawling, jazzy, and jangley post-punk that paints a reflective and colorful sonic background behind the vocalist’s oscillating poetics. Couple that with the band’s ability to pen righteous hooks that add even greater weight to such aesthetics , the result is one of the boldest records in the American indie-rock frame.

Primal, precious, and consistently invigorating, Warehouse are the kind of band that to hear them once is to pin all your hopes and dreams upon them; a rabid and rousing unraveling.  ‘Super Low’ was “largely written in a notorious punk house that was torn down to build a parking garage” and the record comes wrapped in such new-world vexations, melding punk aesthetics with something endearingly humane.


Warehouse is Alex, Ben, Doug, Elaine, Josh

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