ADAM TORRES – ” Tiny Desk Concert “

Posted: December 9, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It took Adam Torres 10 years to release his second album. His life took a non-musical turn when he moved from Athens, Ohio, to Austin, Texas, with South America somewhere along the way. This album was the antiserum to all the overused and over-abundant vocal processing I heard in 2016. Adam Torres high and lonesome voice is pure, relatable and visceral. The songs are weightless with an underpinning of violin and simple, tasteful keyboards and percussion. I tend to need, then find, one good quiet record each year. Pearls To Swine was my go-to serene album for 2016.

Adam Torres voice makes Pearls To Swine a constant listen for me. It’s high and lonesome, but more frail than the voices of the bluegrass pioneers who defined that style . Besides, Torres isn’t a country singer or a folksinger but more of an atmospheric storyteller.

It took the musician, now based in Austin just a week to record Pearls To Swine, though the album was nearly 10 years in the making. In 2006, Torres was 20 and living in Athens, Ohio, when he put out a debut record called Nostra Nova, which is worthy of cult status. Then his life took a non-musical course.

I first heard his music far more recently, Thor Harris of Swans raved about this new singer he was touring with, and then I heard Pearls To Swine and flipped. I’ve been writing and telling my gigging friends about Adam Torres a whole lot this year, and the more I listen, the more I want to share it.

Listen in particular to the way Torres and Aisha Burns weave his voice and her violin together. It’s rare and beautiful. Then there’s the delicate percussion and bass that keep it all in motion. In addition to songs from his current record, we also get to hear an unreleased track, appropriately titled “I Came To Sing The Song.” I’m thrilled he did.

Set List

  • “High Lonesome”
  • “Outlands”
  • “I Came To Sing The Song”


Adam Torres (vocals, guitar); Aisha Burns (violin); Thor Harris (percussion); Dailey Toliver (bass, keys)

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