CLEAN CUT KID – ” 20 Years From Now “

Posted: December 8, 2016 in MUSIC
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 Clean Cut Kid: Having just smashed CMJ, Liverpool's Clean Cut Kit is on track to break into the big leagues of indie-stardom. The band combine the preppy harmonies of Vampire Weekend and the melodic mastery of Paul Simon. With their limited discography it still feels like they haven't even begun to delve into the vast depths of potential this band are capable of.

Behind the glitz and the glamour of being in a band is meticulous planning, a punishing life on the road and innumerable hurdles to tackle if you’re seriously up for getting your music heard. So, like Hannibal Smith used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Step forward Clean Cut KidLiverpool music’s current A-Team.

A collective who have morphed through various guises but their graft and guile has suddenly resulted in a genuine national buzz that’s seen them picked up by Polydor Records and land national radio and print press.

The story’s made all the more appealing by virtue of them being a *very* good band.

One listen to their opening two tracks and you’re sucked into a world of dirty melodies, infectious harmony hooks, glistening choral swells and reference points including US lo-fi pop, Gayngs and Fleetwood Mac. The latter of which is rather apt, given two of the band, Mike and Evelyn are married. Clean Cut Kid and we are Mike Halls, Evelyn Halls, Ross Higginson and Saul Godman.


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