Posted: December 2, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Courtney Marie Andrews Honest Life

Courtney Marie Andrews is possibiy the best songwriter you’ve never heard of. If you have heard of her, you’ve likely heard her name mentioned in the same breath as another, more iconic songwriter: Joni Mitchell. Andrews’ breakout album Honest Life, which, despite the assumption that it’s her debut (after all, what a shame that an artist of this level of talent has flown under the radar since 2008), is her sixth solo album. The Joni Mitchell comparisons are apt, both for Andrews’ nimble, expressive vocals and her way with a turn of phrase. What makes Andrews so special, however, is that her influences never verge on the derivative. Single “Irene,” with its percussive piano and pointed, progressive lyrics

(“The heart is funny, Irene/ You can’t control who it wants to love/ So let it love, Irene/ Man or woman or anyone it wants”), is unlike any other song released this year; Andrews herself is unlike any other artist.

Since “Honest Life” was released. This record has changed my life in so many ways. A lot of these songs were written while I was living in Belgium and processing a very painful breakup. I’d eat half a croissant a day, drink wine in the cafe across from my apartment, and write every crazy line or thought that popped into my head. I felt young and old, wise and dumb, all at once. Songs were pouring out of me, and when I was dry I’d wander aimlessly down the cobble stone streets until another song came crawling out. It was a dark time, but writing those songs saved me.
Before living in Belgium, I sent my demos to many producers whom all felt that I either needed lots of production or a co-writer to make a good record. One producer pissed me off so much when he brought in a co-writer without telling me. I was so insulted that I wrote “Rookie Dreaming” “Honest Life” and “Put The Fire Out” in one night just to prove to him I didn’t need help writing songs. It was after that, I knew I needed to have my friends on the record. I needed to make something real, the exact way I wanted it. So I went back to Seattle, got my friends together and produced a record that I was proud of, on my own terms. Intuition is magic, and I’ll continue to try and follow my instincts whenever it comes to matters of art and the heart.
I truly don’t know where I’d be without songs, music, and the brilliant people who help and hold me and my work up every day. I’m eternally grateful to be writing, and living a life I’ve always felt I was made for. Thank you.


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