WHYTE HORSES – ” When I Was A Scout “

Posted: November 20, 2016 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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All the best music is made by fanatics. The kind of people who are immersed in its wonder, obsessed by the never ending panoply of electric noise.Whyte Horses are an enigmatic group from Manchester who make guitars chime like lysergic bells and sing songs so full of wonder that they make your heart ache. They shape-shift from Turkish psyche to Brazilian trip music, from acid house to electronica to punk rock to guitar classic in a heartbeat. It really shouldn’t work, but it’s synthesized that it absolutely does. There is a hypnotic beauty to their music and a poetic perfection to their muse. The band is the brainchild of Dom Thomas, a music fanatic and chronologist who scours the planet for obscure and rare vinyl genius. This obsession is in their musical DNA and Whyte Horses are the sound of people who, on the quest for the perfect record, decided to make one themselves.


Whyte Horses are a Psychedelic Pop group from Manchester music luminary Dom Thomas for his work with Andy Votel at Twisted Nerve and also his extraordinary home-made psychedelic compilations he‘d bring into the store. In both guises he excelled in the mysterious, exotic, and occasionally impenetrable. This was far-out stuff. Until now! Suddenly there is a pop group and they’re called Whyte Horses. Reconvening to a dilapidated cottage in rural Italy, with only an acoustic guitar, female buddy and some battered analogue recording gear, Dom set about creating what would become the psychedelic dream pop diamond we’re celebrating today


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