DYKE DRAMA – ” Up Against The Bricks “

Posted: November 16, 2016 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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For those who were upset by G.L.O.S.S passing, there’s still a lot of music to look forward to. Who knows what its members will go on to produce, but rest assured Sadie Switchblade will be around for awhile, making country-leaning rock music that sounds-off to seminal American bands passed; Switchblade channels indie greats and even covers Lucinda Williams with grace and reverence. With her other project Dyke Drama’s Up Against The Bricks is a semi-sweet meditation on identity, love, and longing. It’s rarely incendiary, but never afraid to prove a point

Dyke Drama is the solo project of Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S., Peeple Watchin‘, etc.)


This album was recorded one week in the spring of 2016, produced and engineered by Joey Seward in Shelton, WA. Recorded in Joey’s garage, on broken and borrowed gear…again…(but some of it less broken than last time).

Sadie Switchblade played guitars, drums, bass, tambourine, and sang. Erica Leshon sang vocal harmony. Joey Seward played organ and sang backing vocals. Chris Grande played additional guitar on “I Just Wanted To See You So Bad”.
All songs by Sadie Switchblade, except “I Just Wanted To See You So Bad” by Lucinda Williams.


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