VANISHING TWIN – ” Million Dollar Mermaid “

Posted: October 20, 2016 in MUSIC
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Vanishing Twin began life as a solo project for Orlando.   After releasing a concept cassette on her own label The Re-Alignment of Magnetic Dust (RAM), and playing the songs with different musicians. Gradually the band formed into a formation of people who all shared similar taste and similar ideas, and in the process the sound became much bigger than Orlando as it incorporated these different musical personalities. So with that the band chose a new name and a new identity.

With influences too many to name. There are a few vinyl lovers in the band – with collections of interesting and obscure music from all over the world. We have a deep love of library and soundtrack music that heavily influences our sound and approach, but equally they are interested in Latin jazz, outsider pop, African funk, minimal classical music, industrial, no wave and other intriguing cocktails of sound.


The live show is all about conjuring magic, about casting a spell, and opening a door into another world for a brief time. The visual is an important part of the whole picture for us – the creation of a complete entity.
Vanishing Twin sounds like oblique pop, lost soundtracks, radiophonic experiments and eternal juju.


The album was recorded and produced with Malcolm Catto at his studio Quatermass Sound Lab. The Band didn’t do many takes, just went for the right performance and atmosphere. Then took the recordings away to experiment with overdubs and effects before bringing them back for mixing.

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