SLOW STEVE – ” Adventures “

Posted: October 18, 2016 in MUSIC
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Slow Steve

Inspired by ’70s science fiction films and the work of Jules Verne, the debut album from French musician Remi Letournelle, formerly of the band Fenster, feels like the vintage soundtrack to an unmade film. Delicately layered psychedelic pop soundscapes, and vintage analog instruments create otherworldly settings, while the lyrics tell interwoven stories about exploring land, sea and sky.

Morr Music is releasing Slow Steve’s Adventures, the debut album by Ex-Fenster member Rémi Letournelle. Following a 7″ split single on Berlin DIY label Späti Palace and Steps, a six-track EP released on Morr Music last year, Adventures is the first LP of the French man. His bubbling vintage synths (together with an impressive variety of instruments) will take you on a strange trip through imagined galaxies and secret deep-sea worlds. Call it weird, but this is amateur pop in all its glory, and the most natural outlet for Slow Steve. Think of Ariel Pink,

Most of the record is sung in Gallic-inflected English, but there are enough Francophone tracks to satisfy any French pop fan (“Josephine Riviere I,” allegedly tells the story of his niece’s travel into outer space and is a supremely pleasant way to test any non-native French speaker’s language proficiency).


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