MUTUAL BENEFIT – ” Skip A Sinking Stone ” Best Albums Of 2016

Posted: July 21, 2016 in MUSIC
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Mutual Benefit — Skip A Sinking Stone

Mutual Benefit’s Skip A Sinking Stone is an album in two parts. Side A is a travel diary of sorts, a series of meditations about life on the road, while Side B finds Mutual Benefit’s Jordan Lee living a more-or-less settled life in Brooklyn. In many ways, this is a coming-of-age story, a series of spindly folk songs that enmesh the pastoral freedom of a vagabondish lifestyle with the harsh realities of urban living. Skip A Sinking Stone picks up where 2013’s excellent debut album Love’s Crushing Diamond left off — seeking stability in the uncertain, finding faith in the little things in life that keep you grounded.

Given the horrific events of the last few months–or, hell, all of human history, but particularly now because we have video footage of many of the recent atrocities–plenty of people are feeling a bit alienated from their environments right now. I wouldn’t call Skip A Sinking Stone a cure for that, but it’s the soundtrack I turn to when I must remind myself that gentleness exists somewhere in the world. It exists, at least, in Lee’s landscape poetry and wide-eyed devotion. It also exists, at least, in Mutual Benefit’s shimmering and revolving folk orchestra. That won’t fix the world, but listening might bolster your heart enough that you can face the brokenness again, and continue working to end it. Music as medicine, just a tender philosophy to ascribe to.

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