KEATON HENSON – ” Alright “

Posted: June 25, 2016 in MUSIC
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Alright is taken from Keaton Henson’s new album ‘Kindly Now’. Released September 16th,

Poet, composer, visual artist and songwriter Keaton Henson, is perhaps unsurprisingly a busy man. That might well go some way to explaining why his upcoming album, Kindly Now, has been four years in the making. Keaton has described the record as his most emotionally stripped back record to date, and has hinted it’s, “an unheroic and unsettling examination of past loves, the role of the artist, and owning up to your own destruction.”

While we won’t here the fruits of Kindly Now’s recording until September, this week he has released the first taster of that music in the shape of new track, Alright. Venturing into new music from an artist as versatile and prolific at Keaton is always a thrilling prospect, but what truly shines on Alright is the beautiful simplicity of it all. There’s little more to the track than an echoing, raw piano, and Keaton’s arresting vocal, other instruments drift in and out of earshot, but the star is Keaton himself. Keaton has suggested the track is about the perils of success, the, “very English way of grinning through the pain” at having to be on display to earn the opportunity to make the music he wants to, as he sings, “don’t make me go outside, god knows what out there lies, I’m hoping I don’t die after you.” Emotionally honest, beautiful performed, it’s one of the most atmospheric and beautiful tracks we’ve heard all year, and ironically one that is only going to project Keaton Henson even further into fame’s unerring spotlight.

Kindly Now is out September 16th via Play It Again Sam. Keaton Henson plays London in November,

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