WAND – ” Passage of the Dream “

Posted: June 12, 2016 in MUSIC
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It’s been a while since Wand have dropped a new record or video! 250 whole days have come and gone since the release of the wonderful 1000 Days, and there was a tour and a video awhile back, but then nothing! Thankfully our Wandlessness has been noted by none other than the band, who have waved their magic you-know-what, and-poof, we have a video AND some shows! Picked from the still ripe 1000 Days, “Passage of the Dream” receives the video treatment with a seamless mix of claymation and buoyant crossbred animation with lithographic textures! In other words, it’s visual ecstasy for the expansive acid drenched guitars and ethereal vocals that can be found in the slow burn of “Passage of the Dream”.

West coasters in the USA are encouraged to keep the dream in their minds through next month, when Wand fly up their land for a lightning-fast week of shows! Europeans get a heavier, denser batch of shows but sorry y’all – you’ve got to wait all the way til November! Still – saddle the unicorn now and plan ahead, it’s looking to be
Wand heck of a ride!

Song from the LP/CS/CD “1000 Days” on Drag City Records.

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