ATTIC ABASEMENT – ” A Werewolf ” and ” Guarantee Jesus “

Posted: June 11, 2016 in MUSIC
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Attic Abasement’s new album, Dream News, is their first in six long years. If you’ve so far missed out on loving this rock band from upstate New York, who so passionately convey the hard-won life and its way-too-fleeting moments of actual joy, this is your chance to get on board.

Dream News is also the first Attic Abasement album to be recorded with a full band in a studio — a departure from songwriter Mike Rheinheimer’s formerly solo, DIY setup. Over email, he talked about how working together helped hone in on fresh sounds, and attributed the gaps between releases to “normal life stuff” and his “wild, untamable process.” Funny, those last two things are what I’ve always liked about his music: it’s real, and it’s messy, then things gets perfect for a second, till a crack turns to a rip and it’s all fucked up. And hopefully everyone’s fine.


Attic Abasement is an absolute powerhouse, the “slept-on rock kings of upstate New York” according to The Fader. One vinyl color is already sold out, grab Dream News on Aqua Blue vinyl before it’s all gone!

Begun as a recording project for me, Michael. Numerous band incarnations have Changed over a few years…


‘Dream News’ is the new Attic Abasement album, out May 27th, 2016 on Father/Daughter Records.


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