PUMAROSA – ” Priestess “

Posted: May 6, 2016 in MUSIC
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The band are one of those who have taken the attention of the music world recently with tracks ‘Priestess’ and ‘Cecile’ and could be seen having a side of stage huddle before they went on. An enchanting set that featured the two tracks, as well as ‘Lions Den’ which provided proof they gave other hits in their locker, left the hundreds of people in attendance dancing as Isabel Munoz-Newsome repeatedly chanted “Priestess, you dance, you dance, you dance”. A moment you can foresee happening with thousands in the near future.

Film by Holly Hunter in collaboration with Isabel Munoz-Newsome, performance and choreography by Fernanda Munoz-Newsome, styled by Minnie Casey, special thanks to Jack Jubb and Joe Winter.

On their video for last years impressive single “Priestess” London newies Pumarosa set out their stall perfectly: Classy visuals clashed with cascading melodies. When I caught them live around the same time it reminded me of seeing Jungle early on – hefty beats, a stage shrouded in smoke and a lot of nascent ambition to try and create something otherworldly for the audience.

The follow-up video for ballsy latest track ‘Cecile’ just dropped and it adds more to their burgeoning story, with a touch of lysergic influence seeping in as the band dance gently around a dank looking London tower block. Singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome has shades of Savages’ Jehnny Beth in her delivery, but there’s also an eerie quality to her vocals, like she’s listened to a lot of Kate Bush but only really taken onboard the most bullish moments.

Pumarosa headline the ICA in London on May 7th. Here’s the newly unleashed video for ‘Cecile’, directed by Rebecca Salvadori:

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