DAUGHTER – ” Live BBC 6 Music Festival 2016 “

Posted: April 9, 2016 in FESTIVALS, MUSIC
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Daughter Live in concert at the BBC 6 Music Festival in Bristol this past weekend. Getting started in 2010, and with a critically acclaimed debut album in 2013, Daughter have risen quickly in popularity with audiences as well as the press. Described variously as Indie/Folk/Ambient and Pop, but leaning heavily in the ambient direction, the band is fueled by the heady-emotion-filled songs of Elena Tonra, and have struck on a winning combination, creating a luxuriant soundscape to compliment what has been characterized as a unique sonic landscape.

Since their debut, they have issued some four eps, three singles and album, Not To Disappear, which was released this past January 2016 to worldwide sales,

This years BBC 6 Music Festival in Bristol, which has been a feast of great and diverse music. In 2013 they were just starting to get notice and recognition. In the 3 years since, they have grown (as any band would, given the amount of hard work and touring they put in) and the effort has paid off. What is presented now is a polished and accomplished band; assured and comfortable with a capacity audience.

So this latest installment in the ongoing story of Daughter continues to be the success they’ve achieved in the past three years. From the sounds of it, there appears to be no letup and 2016 should be another good year for them.

Daughter – February 14th, 2016
BBC 6 Music Festival, Bristol, England, UK

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