JACKSON BROWNE – ” Take It Easy ” Clearwater Florida 19th January 2016

Posted: January 22, 2016 in MUSIC
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Clearwater, FL
First Concert after Glenn Frey’s Death

Jackson Browne honored the late Glenn Frey with an intimate acoustic performance of the Eagles’ 1972 folk-rock anthem “Take It Easy.” Browne performed the track, which he co-wrote with Frey, during a January 19th concert in Clearwater, Florida – one day after Glen Frey’s death at the age 67,

“Here’s a song that I’ve been singing every night for a while,” Browne told the audience in the above fan-shot video. “I didn’t always sing it because it was such a famous song, I figured, you know, if people heard me sing it they’d come away thinking, ‘nah, and then he sang an Eagles cover.'”

“I wrote this song with Glenn Frey,” the singer-songwriter continued. “It’s a song that I started, but I didn’t finish it. Even if I had finished it by myself, it wouldn’t be the song that it is and it wouldn’t be the song that we all love.” Browne strummed along, leading a massive sing-along that culminates with the audience handling all the vocals (harmonies and all) on the wordless bridge.

Browne wrote the bulk of “Take It Easy” in 1971, with plans to include it on his first LP. After Frey, his friend and then-neighbor, shared his enthusiasm for the track, the Eagles guitarist finished off the lyrics and included the breezy track on his band’s self-titled 1972 debut. Browne then recorded a version for his second album, 1973’s For Everyman. 

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