MUNA – ” The Promise “

Posted: December 18, 2015 in MUSIC
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The worst ’80s revivalism — read: most ’80s revivalism — is the musical equivalent of a chewed-up wad of gum, hardened and sapped of its flavor and stuck to the bottom of some Johnny-come-lately A&R executive’s desk. The best ’80s revivalism hits like a gust of winterfresh breath, sweet and chilly and vibrantly alive. MUNA are the latter kind of band; the good feeling they elicit is so potent that you might not notice what a biting aftertaste Katie Gavin’s incisive lyrics leave behind, MUNA is Katie, Josette, & Naomi


founded by Katie Gavin (lead vocals/production), Josette Maskin (lead guitar), and Naomi Mcpherson (rhythm guitar/production), MUNA is a dark pop band based in los angeles blending the brooding sensuality of r&b, rhythms of funk, and audacity of synthpop with raw, unbridled lyricism. Muna is currently accumulating and slowly releasing a stockpile of songs that lend themselves both to the dancefloor and to emo bedroom solitude. they hope you can put them to good use.


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