TAME IMPALA – ” Live At Lowlands Festival ” 2015

Posted: December 9, 2015 in FESTIVALS, MUSIC
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There were some raised eyebrows over the fact that Tame Impala was the night headliner. Are they really at the “closing festivals” stage of their career already? Why not go with Wilco or Ryan Adams, both of whom—on paper at least—seem like more obvious choices? But Tame Impala proved the skeptics wrong this year, commanding the crowd’s attention and captivating them with their trippy psychedelia. Add to that dreamy, soaring sound a top-notch light show, and you’ve got everything you need for a successful headlining spot. New tracks from this year’s best album “Currents” sounded just as strong as the hits from their excellent Lonerism, and we’re excited to see these guys in the top-billed spot for years to come.

Intro – 0:00:39
Let It Happen – 0:04:31
Mind Mischief – 0:12:47
Why Won’t They Talk To Me – 0:17:57
Kevin speaks Dutch – 0:22:58
The Moment – 0:24:08
Elephant – 0:28:50
The Less I Know The Better – 0:32:53
Eventually – 0:36:44
Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? – 0:43:41
Happy Birthday Joey – 0:48:30
‘Cause I’m a Man – 0:50:00
Alter Ego – 0:54:22
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – 1:00:38
Apocalypse Dreams – 1:04:23

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