The JAM – ” Live at Newcastle City Hall ” 28th October 1980 Exclusive Pressing

Posted: December 6, 2015 in MUSIC
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The Jam: Live at Newcastle City Hall - Exclusive Pressing

Only 1500 being pressed

The Jam live in Newcastle from October 1980, a blistering gig, with the band at their peak, previewing songs from forthcoming album ‘Sound Affects’.

In the time between The Jam’s show at Reading University (on Disc 3 of the ‘Fire & Skill’ box set) and their appearance at Newcastle City Hall 20 months later, there had been more extraordinary developments in the group’s world. ‘Setting Sons’, their fourth album, had given them a Top 3 hit with ‘The Eton Rifles’, which was followed in February 1980 with the stirring Number 1 single, ‘Going Underground’. After three years on Polydor, The Jam had finally become the biggest group in the UK.


Disc One

Side 1
3.Thick As Thieves
4.Boy About Town
6.Going Underground
7.Pretty Green

Side 2
1.Man In The Corner Shop
2.Set The House Ablaze
3.Private Hell
4.Liza Radley
5.Dreams Of Children
6.The Modern World

Disc Two

Side 1
1.Little Boy Soldiers
2.But I’m Different Now
4.Scrape Away
5.Strange Town
6.When You’re Young

Side 2
1.The Eton Rifles
2.Billy Hunt
3.Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
4.To Be Someone
5.‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street
6.David Watts

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