The BEVERLEYS – ” Visions “

Posted: November 20, 2015 in MUSIC
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Guitarist Joanna Lund talks Toronto’s tight-knit music community and gets quizzed on her Britpop fandom.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Toronto’s Buzz Records has become one of the city’s best suppliers of irreverent and incensed rock ’n’ roll. And though the label isn’t purely rooted in it (see the giddy pop of Weaves, or the arpeggiating synth blizzard of Beta Frontiers), the intense guitar-fronted attacks are its bread and butter. So far, some very resounding evidence of this has come via impressive full-lengths by Odonis Odonis, Greys, HSY, and Dilly Dally. Now, it’s the Beverleys’ turn.

Formed in 2010, the trio of Susan Burke, Joanna Lund, and Stephanie Lund have taken their time with their debut LP. But as last year’s self-titled EP hinted, it was worth the wait. Brutal is a beast of an album: scowling vocals, scowling dual guitars, scowling drums. It’s pretty damn scowling – that album cover says it all. But within the barrage are some razor-sharp hooks that make their fuzz-laden “junk punk” jams so much more than a source of anger management. Brutal is pop music at its most raw and unbridled.

The band’s pop sensibilities shouldn’t come as a surprise either: the Lund sisters spent part of their youth growing up in England where they fell in love with the hook-filled mid-’90s movement that was Britpop. And so amongst a series of questions about their own music, I felt the need to grill guitarist Joanna about her Britpop partialities.

AUX: In your new video for “Visions” you have a number of different Toronto musicians making guest appearances. Would you describe the scene as a tight-knit community?

Joanna Lund: Definitely. I don’t think we’d be where we are if it wasn’t for that tight-knit community. When we first started we didn’t know a lot of bands. But when we started rehearsing at our space we would run into people and we ended up getting close with these bands really quickly. And a lot of them are on our label, which is pretty great.

Buzz Records seems to be a family, when it comes to its artists.

It has a lot to do with people who are really passionate about music. I would say that Buzz had a lot to do with it. We knew people in HSY, like Kat the drummer. Jude for HSY does or did A&R for Buzz with Ian Chai. Jude came to see us early on, which was when all we cared about was getting really drunk and playing instruments no matter where we were. He came to see us a few times, but we caught him on a good night. And from there we just got to know all of the bands on the label.

So did everyone that participated in the video shoot know how to play the song? They look very convincing.

We didn’t really know how it would turn out until the day of the shoot. We just put out a call to our friends, a lot of them were in bands. One person in the video we didn’t know until that day. She was friends with Katie [Monks] from Dilly Dally, who brought her. Another girl in the video is a co-worker of mine, but she doesn’t actually know how to play an instrument. It was more, “Just show up, and we’ll find something for you to do.” Whether it was helping Henry, the director, or bringing snacks or beer. And we just ended up getting a great group of people.

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