FLORIST – ” Vacation “

Posted: October 22, 2015 in MUSIC
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Emily Sprague has been performing under the Florist moniker for a bit now, but the project’s broadly intimate ambitions are solidified on Holdly, the 5-song collection of sun-speckled folk that serves as a precursor to their debut LP due out next year. But what an introduction it is, full of brightly-realized and wrenching music that’s as innately appealing as it is emotionally devastating. Emily is part of the Epoch Collective.

What I love about the Epoch Collective from New York is the way central players in one band become the backbone of another. So where Felix Walworth is the center of Told Slant, he’s simply the pulse of Florist and where Oliver Kalb may play fiercely in Toad Slant or his own band Bellows, he’s more backdrop and scenic in Florist. Florist is where Emily Sprague moves from backup guitarist to central poet and singer. These songs are sweet confessional tone paintings. A lovely contrast to the volume of the week.

Florist performs at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn during CMJ.

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