Posted: September 22, 2015 in MUSIC
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When Deltasonic boss Alan Wills passed away in such tragic, sudden circumstances the impact rocked not just Merseyside’s cultural community – but the world of music.

Known for his infectious enthusiasm, whirlwind persona, familial values and ear for spotting talent – it was no surprise that the man who cultivated the talents of The Coral, Zutons and a whole generation of new Merseybeaters was hailed a colossusBut Alan was a restless individual – and his search for the new was as fond as his love for New Balance trainers – and his last great musical discovery ranks up there with his best.

The Vryll Society have been on the radar of *everyone* for sometime. But similarly to that first wave of Deltasonic artists, Alan and his partner Ann, nurtured and honed them until they were truly ready.

Originally The Dirty Rivers, these ‘kids’ produced an astonishing an early single The Kid which lay the foundation for what was to come: a tidal wave of energy, cataclysmic guitar swells, propulsive rhythmical thunder and a front man whose magneticism proved impossible to ignore.

Imagine The Rolling Stones channelling Storm in Heaven-era Verve through the spirit of Austin’s Black Angels with infinite more grooves and you’re nearly there. On record they are great, live they are truly unstoppable.

After a considerable time shaping plans and sounds, they’ve conquered Sound City and FestEvol on the home front while an October UK tour and festival dates including End of The Road.

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