SYMPATHY and the LION – ” Glory Days ” Bruce Springsteen Cover

Posted: August 12, 2015 in MUSIC
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Sympathy and the Lion | Photo via

Is it possible that Born in the U.S.A. is actually Bruce Springsteen’s best album? The sound might have catapulted The Boss into megastardom some 31 years ago, but it seemed to more commercial to his past work, his lyrical outlook, what we knew of him as a person…was it his pop record,  But in terms of songwriting – and this is something I’m starting to come around too decades after first hearing the album but listening to those songs so many times  –Bruce was so on point on that record,

Take away all those 80s production trappings and just listen to the music and the lyrics – like in the haunting, Nebraska-esque version of the title song found on Tracks,, or the plethora of versions of “I’m On Fire”…or Lancaster based duo Sympathy and the Lion’s brand new version of “Glory Days”


Sympathy’s John Shavel and Michael Burke take the song down to a moving piano and harmonica, and without the bouncy big band pop, you get to focus on the lyrics – where Springsteen candidly details the psychic trials of aging, of splintering off from old friends, of watching your dreams fade and watching yourself fall from your youthful heights, even if you used to be at the top of the pack. It’s a beautiful, appreciate-what-you-got song, and Sympathy really makes it their own: and makes me appreciate it anew.

Sympathy and the Lion play a set tonight at World Cafe Live when they open for Red Wanting Blue at World Cafe Live.

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