KITE BASS – ” Dadum “

Posted: August 4, 2015 in MUSIC
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Savages bass player  Ayşe Hassan has unveiled the first track from a new collaborative project  under the band name Kite Base, alongside Kendra Frost. Check out the their first track titled ‘Dadum’ the song displays some of the flourishes you would perhaps expect from the pair, foreboding bass lines and atmospheric vocals aplenty, but there is far more light than shade here. Despite its minimalistic introduction, ‘Dadum’ quickly gives way to pop sensibilities, producing a chorus that is increasingly difficult to shake out of your mind.

A gentler beast to Savages, maybe, but Kite Base appear no less exhiliarating.

“One of the main starting points found in origami, a Kite Base is an opening move made with simple folds to generate a firm and fertile foundation for creativity,” say the dup of their name. “It can become whatever you want it to be- simple or complex- based on the imagination of the creator, inspiration and chance. To us, the ‘Kite’ also symbolises the generation of ideas and setting them free to evolve organically, embracing change. The ‘Base’ is the final ordering of these thoughts once they have been allowed to settle. It is a symbiotic relationship. A duo. Our working methodology.”

Savages bassist has new band, Kite Base

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