EL VY – ” Return To The Moon ” feat The National’s Matt Berninger and Ramona Falls Brent Knopf

Posted: August 4, 2015 in MUSIC
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National Matt Berninger & Brent Knopf EL VY Return To The Moon

The National’s Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf from the band Ramona Falls have formed a new side-project, EL VY. Listen to their brilliant first track ‘Return To The Moon’ The title track from the debut album by EL VY, to be released October 30th by 4AD Records

A musical collaboration between Matt Berninger, vocalist and lyricist of The National, and Brent Knopf, the Portland musician and producer best known for his work in Menomena and his more recent band, Ramona Falls.

To the beloved listeners of Ramona Falls,

I just finished a record with Matt Berninger. We became friends way back when Menomena and his full-time band The National toured together to half-full rooms. This new thing is called EL VY and I want you to be the first to know about it. The album’s called “Return to the Moon,” it comes out late October, and you can hear the title track now if you want. We’ll be doing a short tour with a live band late this year – tickets go on sale on Friday. I’m still working on the next Ramona Falls record too. Thanks, as always, for caring and for listening.

Just to get this out of the way, the band say that their name is “pronounced like a plural of Elvis; rhymes with ‘hell pie'”. They’ll be releasing their debut album “Return To The Moon” via 4AD on 30th October. The first taster of the album is the title track – a breezy and summer-y piece of choppy guitar-pop anthemics, drenched in Berninger’s trademark reflective and majestic melancholy.

“I never worried about sending Matt something unfinished,” says Knopf of the project. “He’s able to imagine where it can go. He can grab the four bars that will become the core of the track and develop them into something amazing.”

Berninger added: “This record is more autobiographical than anything else I’ve written, but the details aren’t true. It’s written in the voices of a few invented characters, composites of different people—myself, my wife, and other people I was thinking about.”

The tracklist for Return To The Moon is:
01 Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, With Crescendo)
02 I’m the Man to Be
03 Paul Is Alive
04 Need A Friend
05 Silent Ivy Hotel
06 No Time to Crank the Sun
07 It’s a Game
08 Sleepin’ Light (ft. Ural Thomas) 09 Sad Case
10 Happiness, Missouri
11 Careless

For those of you waiting for a new National album, Berninger. said that the band would be changing their approach somewhat for the next release. “We’re talking about getting together, which won’t be until about October time, taking a little break and then getting together to try and write together in a room – which we’ve never done,” said Berninger. “We always work on little things and email back and forth. We have no idea whether it’s going to work or not, but that’s as far as we’ve got with the new record: trying to work out a plan and a different approach.

“That might fail miserably, but then we’ll try it a different way.”

When asked if the band had any idea or hopes on what their next record could sound like, Berninger said: “No, not really. Everybody’s been talking about it and people have different ideas about what kind of record they want to make. But every time we all talk about that, it never helps anyone figure it out. It’s never a very good creative catalyst to say ‘I’m going to make this kind of record’. It’s never been that helpful for me at least, let’s just wait to see where things go organically and naturally.”

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