GIRLS NAMES – ” A Hunger Artist “

Posted: July 9, 2015 in MUSIC
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‘A Hunger Artist’ is the second song to be taken from Girls Names third album, “Arms Around a Vision”, out 2nd October 2015.

Where ‘Reticence’ was all primordial clang and clatter, recalling the best moments of early ’80s no wave and its forerunners – think Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham’s respective guitar ensembles – bookending one of the most immediate, accessible songs the band have ever written at its core, ‘A Hunger Artist’ is an altogether more colossal and meandering beast.

While its chiming guitar introduction might again bear passing resemblance to Branca’s deft melodic interplay, its much quicker to cut to the chase. And what a chase it is: leading you over moonlit autobahns and down dark European back alleys. Drawing to mind Neu! and Roxy-era Eno, the Northern Irish quartet lay down a motorik groove that rarely lets up across its almost six-minute runtime, allowing gossamer synths and insistent bass to dance atop with aplomb.

Alongside this, the band are set to return to London for a one-off show this October (the 19th) at the historic 100 Club: a not-to-be-missed opportunity to see Arms Around a Vision brought to stunning life in the live setting.

UK/EU Live Dates
July 16th | Bagnacciuga, Fano, Italy
July 17th | Bolognetti Rocks, Bologna, Italy
July 18th | A Night Like This Festival, nr. Turin, Italy
Oct 19th | 100 Club, London TICKETS


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