JESSIE JONES – ” Lady La De Da “

Posted: July 7, 2015 in MUSIC
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Jessie Jones’ new song “Lady La De Da,” off the California singer’s self-titled solo debut for Burger Records, out July 24th. Just a couple years ago, Jessie Jones was fronting the band Feeding People, from Orange County. A band that deftly navigated the void between psych and garage rock. How she ended up there and where she’d go next were the stuff of myths and rumour,  whereas before she’d traded evangelical Christianity for music, by 2013 she’d hit the eject button on the rock ‘n’ roll world for some sort of cosmic soul journey.

Clearly she came back, but not an unchanged woman. This shows on her impressive self-titled debut, a diverse and huge-sounding collection of jangly pysch-pop and mystical acid-blues in the California tradition. Just like in the band Feeding People, Jessie Jones’ Grace-Slick-styled vocals kicked-up-an-octave voice is the best part, though a coiling sitar proves to be stiff competition for the spotlight on “Lady La De Da.” the entrancing song, which begins a little like The Doors’ “The End” and finds Jones moaning to the gods about wish fulfillment.

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