HOUNDMOUTH – ” Otis / For No One “

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Indiana alt-rockers Houndmouth released their sophomore record, “Little Neon Limelight”. It was released on March 17th via Rough Trade Records and was recorded in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb. It’s the follow-up to their impressive debut album “From the Hills Below the City”, which was released in 2013.

The 11 new, original songs on ‘Little Neon Limelight’ are the band’s best to date, blending their signature four-part harmonies with the gritty foot-stomping rock swagger of their live shows and a loose confidence in the studio. “I’ve grown up a lot since our first record,” reflects frontman Matt Myers (guitar / vocals), adding, “the inspiration falls close to the struggle of figuring out exactly what it means to be a man, let alone an artist.”

Highlights of ‘Little Neon Limelight’ include the live fan-favorites “By God,” “My Cousin Greg,” and “Say It,” and the acoustic track “For No One,” which recently premiered on NPR Music, and is unlike anything else Houndmouth have ever recorded. Ann Powers called “For No One” an “epic ballad, stuffed full of vivid imagery.” On “Gasoline,” Katie Toupin (keyboard / vocals) barbs the confessions of a perennial party girl with the specter of mortality (“Maybe I’ll meet my maker on a bedroom floor”). Shane Cody (drums / vocals) leads vocals on the album’s heartbreaker, “Honey Slider,” and the group embraces their garage-rock influences on the thrilling, needle-in-the-red cut, “15 Years,” which finds Zak Appleby singing one of the album’s most infectious refrains (“15 Years on the county line / Enough to make a man nearly lose his mind.”)

Today’s announcement also included the release of the music video for first single “Sedona.” The video is wonderfully directed by Naomi Yang, and features the gang hanging out at a scenic hotel in Southern California, and rocking out in some red neon lights.

“Sedona” itself is a song rooted in classic Americana rockers, taking it’s time to build itself up, only to deliver one of the hardest rocking moments of the bands short career. It’s an impressive return, a confident reminder of why I fell in love with these guys in the first place.

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