SUPERFJORD – ” CTA 102 ” Byrds Cover (from the Side Effects box-set)

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Classic Albums
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an excerpt from Superfjord’s cover of The Byrds song – taken from Fruits de Mer Records’ 4LP monster of a box-set – what happens when a record label with more time than sense asked eight bands to produce sidelong covers of tracks from the 60s/70s – either epic songs in their own right, or songs that they could use as launchpads for something….BIG?
‘Side Effects’ 4LP box-set – orders have come in so fast, I’m now building up a waiting-list of UK orders as I have virtually sold out on pre-orders already – and the release-date is still two months away! I should get more sets – enough to meet waiting-list requests – but I don’t want to take more cash until I’m sure.

International buyers can still pre-order from Shiny Beast Mail Order as they have a guaranteed supply from me and aren’t quite up to their limit (yet!).

The whole thing is called ‘SIDE EFFECTS’, and it contains four single albums:

The Soft Bombs – Echoes (originally by Pink Floyd)
Arcade Messiah – Four Horsemen (Aphrodite’s Child)

The Bevis Frond – China (Electric Sandwich)
Wreaths – Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot)

Superfjord – CTA-102 (The Byrds)
The Luck Of Eden Hall – Starship Trooper (Yes)

Julie’s Haircut – Shhh/Peaceful (Miles Davis)
Sendelica – I Feel Love (Donna Summer)

The set features…
– two of FdM’s most popular bands (Sendelica and The Luck Of Eden Hall)
– the legendary Bevis Frond
– two occasional visitors to FdM Towers in Superfjord and Julie’s Haircut (who have contributed stunning recordings to ‘Coltrane’ and ‘strangefish’ respectively)
-three new artists – The Soft Bombs and Wreaths from the USA, and Arcade Messiah (aka John Bassett) from the UK.

The music ranges from psychedelia to progressive rock and back again, taking in krautrock, jazz-rock and…..Donna Summer(I knew it was a mistake inviting Pete Bingham and co to get involved).
The Bevis Frond track appeared in a severely-edited form on the FdM ‘Head Music’ double LP a few years ago, but this will be the full, 23 minute+ version, while everything else is completely ‘new’.

details at…

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