KIM GORDON and J.MASCIS – ” Slow Boy “

Posted: June 9, 2015 in MUSIC
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Kim Gordon and J Mascis Team Up on

Kim Gordon and J Mascis, old friends from Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., have joined forces on a new song called “Slow Boy”. It’s from the forthcoming third volume of Converse’s CONS EP series, which features collaborations between a variety of artists. Listen to “Slow Boy” below, and download the track for free.
In addition to “Slow Boy”, CONS EP Vol. 3 features a collaboration between Freddie Gibbs and Hanni El Khatib and more tracks by GZA, Sweet Valley, and more. “Slow Boy” is the second single off of the third Converse CONS compilation, CONS EP Vol. 3, with two more tracks being released throughout June 2015. The song was written by J Mascis and Kim Gordon, with Mascis handling production as well.


Music by: J Mascis & Kim Gordon
Written by: J Mascis & Kim Gordon
Vocals by: Kim Gordon

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