PAUL McCARTNEY – ” Ram ” Released 17th May 1971

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Ram is a studio album by recording artists Paul and Linda McCartney, released 17th May 1971 on Apple Records.The album was recorded amid Paul McCartney’s legal action in Britain’s High Court to dissolvethe Beatles‘ partnership, following their break-up the year before. The only album credited to the couple, Ram was the second of two albums that McCartney released between quitting the Beatles and forming his own band, Wings. He and Linda recorded it in New York with guitarists David Spinozza and Hugh McCracken, and future Wings drummer Denny Seiwell. Its release coincided with a period of bitter acrimony between McCartney and his former bandmate John Lennon, who perceived verbal slights in the lyrics to songs such as “Too Many People“.

On release, the album was received negatively by the majority of music critics, although opinion has become more favourable in subsequent decades. A commercial success nonetheless, Ram topped the national albums charts in Britain, the Netherlands and Canada. Three singles were issued from Ram: “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey“, which became McCartney’s first number 1 hit in America, The Back Seat of My Car and Eat at Home. The album was reissued in May 2012.

“Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” is a fun song McCartney wrote about his real uncle Albert. The nonsensical lyrics pertain to the happy, sort of crazy things people do when they are in the company of their families. The song is actually relatable to all people who have had enjoyable times with their families – uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. The joyous feel to “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” struck a chord with people overseas in America. The song quickly reached #1 on the billboard charts very shortly after it was released.

Paul McCartney and his family flew to New York City in October 1970 to begin working on the follow-up to McCartney.

While McCartney had featured him on every instrument, for Ram Paul decided to hold auditions for musicians, bringing some in under the guise of a session to record a commercial jingle. Auditions were held in an attic on 45th Street for three days,[where David Spinozza was tapped for guitar duties, after being asked by Linda, before auditions moved to a basement, where Denny Seiwell was recruited on drums. McCartney later claimed to have found Seiwell “lying on a mattress one day in The Bronx“. Midway through the sessions, Spinozza was replaced by Hugh McCracken when Spinozza became unavailable.

The basic tracks for the album were taped at Columbia’s Studio B from 12th October to 20th November 1970 before the McCartneys returned to their Scottish farm for the Christmas holidays. Work continued at Studio B and A&R Recording Studios, New York, from the second week of January 1971 through to February. Playing guitar or piano and singing at the same time, Paul chose to overdub his bass later on. Although it was a collaborative project, Linda’s vocal duties were mostly limited to singing harmonies and backing Paul, who sang almost all of the lead parts; however, Linda sang co-lead vocals on Long Haired Lady. The New York Philharmonic was brought in by McCartney to play on Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey“, “Long Haired Lady andThe Back Seat of My Car“, as well as the McCartneys’ forthcoming, non-album single Another Day“. Paul and Linda’s daughter, Heather, sang backing vocals on “Monkberry Moon Delight“.

In July 1971, Northern Songs and Maclen Music sued Paul and Linda McCartney for violating an exclusive rights agreement by collaborating on the song Another Day“, released three months before Ram. Although six of the eleven songs on Ram were also co-written with Linda, both parties agreed the issue of royalties for the album could be decided at a later date.The lyrics to Paul McCartney & Wings’ classic “Another Day” which was originally released as a single in 1971, but never appeared on original copies of any album. Re-releases of the album Ram include “Another Day,” but it is also featured on their greatest hits albums. This particular recording came from Wingspan: Hits and History Disc 1

In June 1972, ATV announced that “all differences between them have been amicably settled” and Paul and Linda signed a new seven-year co-publishing contract between ATV and McCartney Music. The sessions also produced songs such as “Dear Friend”, released on Wings debut album, Wild Life (1971), and  Little Woman Love“, as well as tracks featured on Wings’ 1973 album Red Rose Speedway: “Get on the Right Thing“, “Little Lamb Dragonfly” and Big Barn Bed“. It has recently surfaced that “I Lie Around”, issued as the B-side to Wings’ 1973 single “Live and Let Die”, was taped during the sessions. Also recorded was the first incarnation of Seaside Woman“.

The album was mixed at Sound Recorders in Los Angeles. By early 1971, the project was completed, along with “Another Day” and its B-side,Oh Woman, Oh Why“. In addition to the songs released on Ram and the first two Wings albums, McCartney recorded the following tracks during these sessions: “Hey Diddle”, “A Love for You”, “Great Cock and Seagull Race”, “Now Hear This Song of Mine”, “Rode All Night”, “Sunshine Sometime” and “When the Wind Is Blowing”.

In 2009, two tribute albums featuring all of the songs from the album were made available for digital download:

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